My family moved to the SF Bay Area from Ohio before I entered school. I have had a life-long love of art. I worked in an art gallery and as a department store interior designer. I became enthralled with water media, and knew this was an absorbing passion. I have a Signature Membership in the California Watercolor Association, and I was awarded a scholarship to the Academy of Art in SF in 2007.

     I spent formative years in Burlingame, graduated from UC  Berkeley, lived in San Diego when first married; and then my husband, Andre, and I have raised our family in San Jose. Back in the 60’s, the county was known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight. Now it is the hub of technology and called Silicon Valley.

      I work with watermedia: watercolors and acrylics and mixed media.  I often use yupo (Yupo is polypropylene.) My most current work is with collage of torn magazines. Many have been in national shows. I do the portraits to tell a story about people and their life passions. I do show the diverse community of Silicon Valley in my art.